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Friday, September 14, 2007

Out of office

Bored and going out for a stroll. Back in October.

Friday, September 07, 2007

New inroads into the study of Sanskrit

When my distinguished colleague, Naomi Appleton, is not busy with her research or organizing the Buddhist Studies Group seminars - that is all three and a half minutes per day -, she is establishing an exciting new inter-disciplinary subject: academic baking.

Besides the obvious advantages the process puts into practice a good number of the pāramitās: you need great effort (vīrya) and discipline (śīla) to bake these things with one-pointed concentration (dhyāna) and insight (prajñā) as concerning the ingredients. Finally, the products are distributed with great generosity (dāna) among sentient beings. I guess Naomi will have to find other ways to practice forbearance (kṣānti) as I still haven't met anyone so lacking taste-buds as to criticize her culinary talents. Indeed, there is nothing like having a piece of "Indo-European language family tree" on the steps of the Clarendon building.

It is hoped that this scholarly zeitschrift will thrive... sarvasattvānāṃ hitāya sarvasattvānāṃ sukhāya. Maṅgalam.

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