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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Nechung again

Some marginal annotations to de Nebesky-Wojkowitz (RNW), Oracles and Demons, ch. XII. The State Oracle:

RNW writes on p. 445. that he tried in vain to obtain a "dkar phyag" (sic!) of Nechung Gompa. This is frustratingly valid for me as well. If you know of anything of the sort, please let me know. I'm interested especially in the courtyard murals. There seems to be next to nothing in the Lam yig's and Dkar chag's I have consulted so far.

Facing p. 446. is a very useful little diagram of the monastery. Item no. 17. is described thus (p. 447.): "To the right side of the door, through which one enters the chapel containing the throne, stands another altar bearing also three images [...]. Unfortunately, my informant was unable to remember whom these figures represent." My informer said that the statue to the extreme right in this cupboard (they are actually encased nowadays) is none other than Sangs rgyas Rgya mtsho, regent of the Great Fifth. The statues could have been moved since the fifties. Since statues of the Regent are quite rare (to my knowledge at any rate), I cannot confirm or infirm this claim. Could this really be the genius of Tibetan politics?


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