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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Two unknown authors

1. Blun

The Georg Olms Verlag has some interesting books in reprint for sale. Just go to this link, and follow the path Fachgebiete (left sidebar) > Orientalistik > Indologie & Tibetologie.

The only funny thing about this well-structured site is the author in the entry above. The book is well known (especially if you were an undergrad in Budapest where you slept and woke with the Mdzangs blun for a year or so). Yes, as you can see, the author is "Blun", i.e. "idiot". Who might that idiot be? The Buddha? Ānanda? I. J. Schmidt?

PS: Thanks to Csaba Dezső for the link.

2. D. Litt

Another hitherto unknown author comes from an article by Rong Xinjiang, "Mthong-khyab or Tongjia: A Tribe in the Sino-Tibetan Frontiers in the Seventh to Tenth Centuries." In: Monumenta Serica 39 (1990-1), pp. 147-299.

In the bibliography the editors (sic!) of the Mkhas pa'i dga' ston in the Śatapiṭaka Series are "Lokesh Candra" &(!) "D. Litt".



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