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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sanskrit, guv

[fragment from a prahasana performed at Luton Airport, today]

- (cockney accent) Do you live in this country Mr erm?
- (undefinable accent, hence social status, place of birth, supported football club, and favoured newspaper uncertain) Sorry?
- Do you live in this country?
- Yes.
- Working? Student?
- Student.
- What are you studying?
- Sanskrit.
- Sorry?
- Sanskrit.
- Sanskit?
- Sanskrit?
- Sanskirt as in ...
- Sanskrit as in ancient Indian language Sanskrit.
- I'm sorry, can you spell that?
- S-A-N-S-K-R-I-T!
- Hm, perhaps if you could write this on this piece of paper here.
- ...
- Cheers.
- ...
- S-a-n-s-k-r-i-t, hah! Next please!



Anonymous S. said...

Nice. You reminded me of an interaction I had on arrival in Houston airport in 2004 -

Border guard (scrutinizing my passport) - why are you coming the States?
me - I'm here for a conference.
BG - what king of conference?
me - the American Academy of Religions.
BG (not looking up) - religions. You gonna talk about Islam?
me (cautious now) - I'm sure people will.
BG (still no eye contact) - you gonna talk about Iraq?
me (very cautious) - some people might.
BG (looking up at last) - good, 'cause different religions need to talk to each other. That's what we need. Dialog.
me (relieved that I will not be flying straight back to the UK on the next flight) - right, right.
BG - next!

11:39 am  

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