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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gautama 'Buddha' Siddhārtha, M.Phil. (Nāl.)

Nālandā is being rebuilt, which is good news.

The bad news is that:

- one can write in a [semi-]prestigious newspaper that the Buddha was a visitor here (visiting research fellow?) and an alumnus (I gave him an M.Phil. by default);

- that there does not seem to be too much money for this;

- that the revival project is trying to get past bureaucrats; 

- not to speak of the fact that "Chinese sensibilities will have to be respected" (whereas one usually does not? or is it the case that one does not respect other nations' sensibilities?) or else " the university will be a non-starter";

- that the Bihari government promises to provide security;

- that the as yet non-existent university already revives the Bengal-Bihar/Mithila thing;

- that Amartya Sen seems to think that Nālandā taught economics and public health;

zhes bya ba la sogs

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Blogger Robert said...

Yes , Mr Duncecombe's article is hilarious - but not unreasonable. After all, the Buddha had to learn his Buddhism somewhere, and what more likely place than India's leading Buddhist monastery?

12:12 pm  
Anonymous I. S. said...

Then there is that little detail about Mahayana Buddhism being an essential part of the curriculum. You know, the one thing that made the life-threatening journey to India worth undertaking. Instead, whatever token pseudo-Buddhism they offer will be probably be taught by Theravadins and Hindus. In which case it will surely deserve its reputation as the "Oxford University of South Asia".

12:19 pm  

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