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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Missing folios anyone?

It wouldn't be a bad idea to start a "manuscript pages - lost and found" service for the NGMCP (with due acknowledgments of course). I've spent the last two days identifying three maverick folios in Bhavabhaṭṭa/Bhavabhadra's commentary to the Catuṣpīṭha (Kaiser 134 = NGMPP C 14/11).

The first one (verso of the title page) was already identified by prof. Harunaga Isaacson (sincere thanks!) as the starting page of Mahāmati's Tattvaviśadā Pañjikā to the Ḍākinīvajrapañjara.

A second runaway train is from the commentary to the seventh chapter of the Buddhakapāla by Abhayākaragupta and in all probability formerly part of NAK 5/21 = NGMPP A 48/2 as there is a lacuna here of several folios. This passage corresponds to ff. 44a4-46b4 of the Calcutta manuscript and contains four nice apabhraṃśa songs to awaken the Heruka.

The third one is a bit more puzzling. The text is from the Laghutantraṭīkā ch. 9., corresponding to Cicuzza 2001:98.4-100.29. and his folio 17a-17ab from Kaiser 225 = NGMPP C 25/6. It escaped my attention if indeed Cicuzza has a note on this. Is it possible that he took it over from the Catuṣpīṭhanibandha? Did he have a manuscript (the format is the same) with text starting and ending at the same place as the Nibandha stray folio? What is going on here? Does anyone have his email?


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