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Monday, February 02, 2009

Some recently discovered blogs and sites

There are some new interesting sites out there:

• A Tantric Reader seems to be under preparation, this is a blog and a website dedicated to the project initiated by Chris Wallis.

• Some new entries on the blog maintained by the Janabahaa Society aiming to restore the famous temple of Lokeśvara/Matsyendra in Thamel.

• Andrea Acri's beautiful site on things Indonesian.

• Venetia Ansell's site on Sanskrit literature with interesting posts on how the modern world and an ancient language interact.

• Mark Dyczkowski's thoughts on "Kashmir Shaivism".

• Mrinal Kaul, who maintains the blog A Cashmirian Sanskritist has a new site with an interesting project to wake up manuscript library officials from their uncooperative stupour.

• Finally, if you read Hungarian, Olivér Kápolnás decided to open a blog on his finds in Mongolia. The Gravediggers' Diary is an interesting read for lovers of archaeology. The Hungarian Academy of Sciences has scanned some of its old proceedings.

• Sadly, Jinajik decided to go offline again.

And in view of current events, an old joke rehashed: "What are the four biggest impeding factors of British public transport?" "Spring, summer, autumn, and winter." (The original was for Soviet agriculture). And another one from London's foremost public entertainer: it's the right kind of snow in the wrong quantities.



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