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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sources of the Sampuṭa/Sampuṭodbhava

I greatly enjoyed the conference at LIRI. Here are some images from my handout.

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Blogger KenichiK said...

Thank you for your very extensive information of the sources of the Sampuṭa/Sampuṭodbhava. To add your information, there is an article written by Prof. NOGUCHI Keiya (野口圭也) who is now Professor of Taisho University (in Japanese). His article shows that Sampuṭa 3.4 has parallels to the『秘密相経(Pi mi siang king)』(Taisho884), the *Guhyamaṇitilaka (Ota125) and the *Vajraśekharatantra. He edits the Sanskrit text of the part of the Sampuṭa 3.4 (from 'akāreṇa candramaṇḍalaṃ vicintya ... vajraghaṇṭādharaṃ vīraṃ prajñānandaikasundaram//') and compares with the Chinese translation of 『秘密相経』(Taisho vol.18, 463b18-). One of his conclusion says that the Sampuṭa organized the system of the Pañcākārābhisambodhi by means of the 『秘密相経』or its similar texts.
By the way, previously, some scholars, e.g., the late Prof. SAKAI Shinten (酒井真典), have also suggested this relationship, especially on the "pañcākārābhisaṃbodhi". (But he used Tibetan translation of Sampuṭa)

Thank you again for this information and I am looking forward to seeing and talking with you soon!!

Some Bibliography:
NOGUCHI Keiya: 「Saṃpuṭodbhavatantraと『秘密相経』」'The Sa.mpu.todbhavatantra and the Pi mi siang king(『秘密相経』)', Buzan Gakuhō (Journal of Buzan studies), No. 31, pp.(39)-(63), Mar. 1986.

SAKAI Shinten: 「五相成身観の西蔵伝訳資料に就いて」'On the Tibetan materials of Pañcākārābhisaṃbodhi', Mikkyō Kenkyū 85, pp.49-71, Koyasan University.

2:47 pm  
Blogger PDSz said...

Dear Kenichi,

Thank you for giving the sources here (especially those by Prof. Sakai, which I did not know about). The valuable articles of Prof. Noguchi were mentioned on a previous page in the handout. I also acknowledged your document in which you listed and summarized the articles for the benefit of those who do not know Japanese. Sadly, I am one of them...

I'm looking forward to seeing you again.


3:29 pm  

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