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Thursday, April 28, 2011

JA 298/2

The latest online volume of the Journal Asiatique is full of goodies. To wit:
  • pp. 389-420 Koichi Shinohara, "The All-Gathering Maṇḍala Initiation Ceremony in Atikūṭa's Collected Dhāraṇī Scriptures. Reconstructing the Evolution of Esoteric Buddhist Ritual."
  • pp. 421-493 Isabelle Ratié, "Le non-être, une preuve de l'existence du Soi? La notion d'abhāva dans la philosophie de la Pratyabhijñā."
  • pp. 535-548 Christopher I. Beckwith and Michael L. Walter, "On the Meaning of Old Tibetan rje-blon during the Tibetan Empire Period."
  • pp. 549-571 Nathan W. Hill, "Personal Pronouns in Old Tibetan."
I especially enjoyed reading about the new interpretation of rje blon, something that sounded 'scratchy' back in the days when we read Old Tibetan inscriptions.

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